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Living in a community for 28 years has helped me gain a deep understanding of interpersonal dynamics.

As President of GEN-Europe and Ambassador for Damanhur, I became a confident speaker and gave talks in numerous conferences and events.

Working as a voice coach for over 35 years I developed highly effective interactive teaching methods.  

As a Life Coach, I have achieved a deep understanding of human processes and personal development.

  • Degree in Sociology, Università Popolare degli Studi di Milano

  • Certified Life Coach, IACC -International Association Certified Coaches

  • Graduated Spiritual Healer, Damanhur’s School of Healers

  • Archetypes at Work Coach, Olivier Mythodrama

  • Ecovillage Designer, EDE Certification - ​Gaia Education

  • Economic Designer, GEDS Certification - Gaia Education 

  • Global Ecovillage Network Trainer and Consultant

  • "The Wisdom of Trauma", Gabor Maté - Younity

  • Trauma informed Leadership Course, Thomas Huebl - The Pocket-Project

  • Compassionate Inquiry, Gabor Maté - Self–Study Short Course  Certificate + Master Class

  • Compassionate Inquiry in Action: An Experiential Course for the Healing of Deep Traumatic WoundsGabor Maté - PESI Certificate

Philosophy studies at Naples University

I'm fluent in English, Italian, German and Spanish

Since I was young, I've been a passionate teacher: my first experience was helping my mom with her music students. Later, as a voice coach, I trained many professional singers for over 35 years and in the last 20 years, I've been also leading courses about self-development, social and environmental sustainability, conflict resolution, leadership and community life.

My story


I was born in Germany in a close, united family of four. Although my family loved one another dearly, since I can remember my parents were in conflict almost every day.  Despite experiencing their hardships, I was fortunate enough to witness them make peace as well.  Still as everyone I got my share of wounds. These memories and experiences underlie my interest in trauma work and conflict resolution.

I grew up in the 60s in a wealthy Germany, where survival seemed certain, however, for me, something just did not feel right.  I knew there was something more to life.  I had a high sensitivity to inner processes and social injustice.  Following these impulses, I put myself into many difficult situations, not least spending nearly two years hitchhiking around the world to find a place to live.  All this led me to study Philosophy in Naples, Italy where I met my first husband, a gifted saxophone player.

My family had a musical background, my mother was a music teacher and my father was a pianist.  Growing up, I was always singing and from the age of 5, I played the piano.  Deep down I had this feeling that if I did not know what to do with my life I would become a singer, and that is exactly what happened.  I became a professional Jazz singer for almost 20 years touring Italy and the world.

One night after an interview on the radio during a tour of Japan, I found myself restless and could not sleep.  I spent the night reflecting deeply about “what do I really want from life.”  At the time I had this luring opportunity for a good career in Japan as a Jazz singer, however, my inner process told me something important was missing.

Japanese Connection02.jpg

That sleepless night, I realized I was not looking for short term success, rather I wanted to contribute to make this world a better place. I wanted to live a real life based on real values, with real people looking for the same thing.

By that time in my life, I had already heard about a community called “Damanhur,” in the north of Italy, and I decided to find out whether that could be the answer to my quest. 
With the decision to profoundly change my life, I also chose a spiritual name, replacing my given name, Martina Grosse Burlage, with Macaco Tamerice.


In the beginning, I had many concerns whether an individualist like me could fit into community life.

It has now been almost 28 years since I have been living in Damanhur.  I discovered that living in a community, your individual personality is empowered and transforms impressively.  It has granted me the opportunity to develop an array of talents and capacities that I was not even aware of having.


I also experienced and continue to experience the depth and the winding paths of human nature, what’s alive in human beings and I learned so much in regard to relationships.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to talk about how to regenerate human systems and our planet, as well as what happiness means on many occasions both at the UN and at numerous international conferences.


I used to hold a course on "How to create ecovillages" certified by Gaia Education’s EDE (Ecovillage Design Education),  UNESCO for over 10 years in many places in the world. 

I had the great opportunity to speak at several Climate Conferences of the UN, called COP. At COP 2018 in Bonn, I talked about "Human Well-being and Happiness in Community” and in Katowice about “Leadership”, just to name a few. In the picture, you can see me with three other GEN UN delegates. Together we represented four different continents.


In 2012 I participated with my good friend Kosha Joubert, long time CEO of GEN, at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20 with the delegation of GEN.


In 2012 I also had the honour to speak at the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality in Hyderabad India, with 2800 participants. Amongst other topics I talked about Spirituality and Ecology. 


I am also an advocate for the four dimensions of sustainability: social, ecology, economy and world view.
I live together with my husband, a Peruvian architect, in a straw bale house that we built together.

Inti e Macaco (1).jpg

Continuing my dream to make the world a better place

Macaco Ousmane planting.jpg

I also participated in the creation of an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with Consultative Status at the United Nations since 2018, called "Damanhur Education", of which I hold the title of President. I am very proud of the accomplishments of the NGO.

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